Hey there , I consider myself to be a successful entrepreneur and blogger. I currently live in the big apple with my husband and son, and own my own small boutique featuring mainly business attire and corporate wear. Over the years I’ve learned a lot about business, and have decided to pass on some of the wisdom I’ve learned from others, and through direct experience. I know that it can be tough out there to get started or to push your business to the next level, so a little help from someone with experience can go a long way.

I created this blog not just to focus on fashion and entrepreneurship, but also to discuss women in the workplace, health and fitness and many other topics I find worth discussing here at the curvy coach. I’ll talk about my findings as I progress my business and some of the issues and obstacles that I have had to overcome in order to come out on top. If I do things right, maybe I’ll help others discover the beauty of being their own boss, doing something they love to do, or create a discussion on business ethics, or help someone push their business a little further. If you want to drop me a line, you can click on the contact page and send me an email there or don’t be afraid to leave a comment on one of your favorite posts.

Look forward to hearing from you and keep cultivating that entrepreneurial spirit.

the curvy coach