Opening Your Own Boutique – What Customers Want

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107035395_c9c67f1d2b_oIt can be agreed upon most that women’s boutiques have a tremendous amount of staying power. Let’s face it many women love to shop. Women are always searching for the latest fashion trends and beauty secrets. It is estimated that women spend over $750 billion dollars each year on clothing and accessories. The amount that women spend on gym memberships are at an all-time high despite the current state of the economy. Our society places a considerable amount of value on beauty and fashion and there is no doubt that the earnings related to these industries are lucrative. One of the most important questions that aspiring boutique owners should ask themselves is, “what do customers want?” (more…)

Lack of Female CEO’s a Loss For Everyone

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3100604853_f44dfaed43_zOnly twenty six of America’s fortune 500 companies have female CEOs. That translates to a paltry 3%, a dismal statistic when it comes to gender equality. It would be absurd to argue that sexism is a thing of the past in view of such a glaringly obvious discrepancy in the promotion of women to top corporate posts. Efforts are being made by many organizations to correct such inequality, and those efforts seem to have helped women enjoy more equal treatment in corporate positions up to the C suite, but they have clearly not gone far enough when it comes to the top job, or any job above the C suite. There are a number of factors that contribute to this problem. Unless it is solved, corporations that do not embrace equality will continue to lose out in the war for talent. (more…)

Steps for Making Money as a Fashion Blogger

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For women who love fashion, there’s no better place to indulge in the latest trends and connect with others than the Internet. If you are passionate about fashion, a blog can be a great way to share your opinion and make money while doing it. Creating a blog that makes money will take some effort, but successful bloggers will quickly reap the rewards. Here are the steps to get started. (more…)

Use Tap Water for Your Beverage Business When Possible

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Beverage businesses are a classic. A lot of people who have ventured into this type of business have succeeded. From fruit shakes to smoothies, people will always turn up to buy one. During the summer, it becomes even more popular. These beverages are sweet, relaxing and refreshing. If you are to start a beverage business, then you are heading towards a right direction. If you can do it right, it will lead to a huge success. This article will discuss some of the important tips to make sure that this business will take off in no time.

Try using clean tap water

You might spend a lot if you use bottled or purified water for your business. They cost a lot more. Besides, why would you spend a dime for this when you can just get a tap water and the results are the same? We have always been fooled to believe that tap water is dirty. However, the truth is that there are still a lot of places in the world where tap water is potable. If you are not certain of the water quality, you can always have it checked. A faucet with a water filter also helps to avoid contaminating the water. You simply have to buy the best selling kitchen faucets with filter and you are good to go. You can also check the kitchen faucet reviews site to find out which of the faucets available are perfect for your needs.

When you use tap water, then you spend a lot of money. The reason why a lot of businesses fail is because business owners don’t know how to utilize resources. They don’t know how to look for better and cheaper options to avoid spending a lot. You can be a lot smarter by eliminating unnecessary expenses whenever possible.

Always have water quality checked

When you use tap water, it is important that it is checked from time to time. Yes, it comes with a slight risk since the water comes directly from a natural source. It does not go through a thorough cleaning process like purified water. However, testing the cleanliness of the water can be done easily. If you have permission to use tap water and it has been approved to be clean, you have all the reasons to use it.

Try something new

There are a lot of businesses related to beverages out there. It is important that you provide the people with something new. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the flavors. It also helps that you ask your friends and loved ones to taste what you have created first. It also helps that you go natural by using organic ingredients. You should also avoid less sugar and artificial sweeteners. If you can brand the business as a healthier option, then you can expect a lot of people to come and get what you offer. It takes time and patience to succeed in this business. You have to do everything that you can to survive.

Start Your Own Yoga Business at Home

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Start Your Own Yoga Business at HomeThere are a lot of benefits in doing yoga. It has been practiced for centuries and it has proven its effectiveness time and again. In fact, yoga techniques have become popular now more than ever. The techniques might look difficult at first, but they can be very relaxing if you get them right. If you are an expert in yoga, then it is high time to consider opening up your own yoga business. If you are worried that you don’t have a place, then transform your house into a place for yoga.

Go for simplistic home designs

You might say that your house is not enough to accommodate a lot of people doing yoga. Yes, this is true. However, you can move things around and create a much bigger space. Go for simplistic designs so you can remove unnecessary items. Look for appliances that are convertible too. For instance, you can have a sofa that can be converted into a cabinet. When it is time for yoga class, you can just close these appliances and the space will be enough for the class.

Advertise yourself

In this kind of business, you really have nothing to sell other than your skills. As such, it is important that you know how to advertise what you can do. There are a lot of yoga experts out there. You need to convince the people that you are the best choice. You can post your business online so that a lot of people will see what you offer. You can also seek for help from friends and relatives. If you are confident that you can be a great yoga instructor, then don’t hesitate telling it to everyone.

Be competitive

You know that there are a lot of other yoga places out there. You need to tell people why you are different and why they have to choose you. It helps if you have promotions and lower rates since you are just beginning. It also helps if you offer packages for members so they can maximize their time with you. Try not to appear as a direct competitor to those who came ahead of you. People must view you as the friendlier and better option.

Make your house a very relaxing place

It helps a lot if your house is conducive for yoga. Start by having the most relaxing music played via a perfect audio system. The lighting must also be perfect so that your students can concentrate well. Most of all, there should be a comfortable and clean carpet where your students can sit. If you already have one at home, then you just need the best selling home carpet cleaner. You wanted them to feel relaxed as they do the techniques. With the help of the best rated carpet steam cleaner, it is very easy for you to maintain the beauty and quality of your carpet.

Now that you know how to get started with this type of business, it is time to get things moving.

10 Great Snack Foods to Stay Healthy

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If there’s one aspect about dieting that you need to know about, it’s not to starve yourself. If you control your hunger and you’re on a healthy food regimen, it should keep you fit. But if you happen to be really hungry and the urge to eat more starts kicking in, it’s helpful to have some healthy snacks around. This can prevent you from overeating when the time comes.

Even though it’s not a diet blog, I got a lot of these tips from

Here are some healthy snacks that are ideal to have on the go. Not only are they low in calories and tasty, but they’re perfect to have wherever and whenever:

1. Chopped vegetables
Chopped vegetables like celery or baby carrots are easy on the go snacks to have at the office or in long road trips. Both are rich in fiber and minerals to fuel your body. They’re also very low in terms of calories.

2. Sliced fruits
These can be found in grocery stores and in fast food establishments. They be seen in a mix of fruit variations. Simply head over to any product section at the grocer’s and purchase it as whole or pre-cut.

3. Nut varieties
Peanuts, walnuts, almonds, and cashews are just some examples of great nuts to snack on. Eating a handful should be enough to get you by when you’re hungry. They don’t require refrigeration and are light enough to carry around.

4. Raisins
Raisins are full of fiber so you easily fill full. It’s also a snack with low glycemic level that makes it healthy as well. A quarter of a cup of raisins is equivalent to a full serving of fruit.

5. Hard boiled eggs
Hardboiled eggs are simple to make and are packed a little over 75 calories. Each egg possesses iron, iodine, calcium, vitamin A, minerals, and proteins. Egg whites are also beneficial when taken on its own.

6. Fat-free popcorn
This is snack is simple and affordable. It’s lightweight and packed with fiber. Go light on the salt and as much as possible, limit or avoid butter. There are plenty of popcorn brands that are fat-free and sold in small bags.

7. Protein bars
These bars are a perfect source of additional protein. They come in a wide range of flavors and are convenient to bring around. Try steering away from protein bars with high sugar content.

8. Oranges
Oranges are a food source of vitamin C, B, and B1. They’re also rich in fiber. It also has a sweet flavor and can be a juice on its own. If you intend to go for the juice itself, settle for naturally squeezed ones as much as possible.

9. Yogurt
This is a rich source of calcium that come in different flavors. A majority of yogurt brands are 170 calories or under. Most of them are fat-free. They’re also rich in vitamin A, D, and C.

10. Cheese sticks or cheese cubes
You can spot these low-fat sticks or cubes in the dairy section at the grocer’s. They’re high in vitamins and calcium. It’s also a perfect snack to munch on and a fantastic way to take in calcium.

These are just some snack ideas you quickly have on the go. You’ll feel a lot better when you start a healthy eating regiment. Once you start this route, you’ll stop craving for junk food. So, start clearing out your kitchen and eliminate foods that are bad for you. You’ll be happy you did.

Fashionable Fountain Pens for the Office

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There is absolutely no reason for fashion to end at the office.  In fact, it is a perfectly acceptable sphere to show of your fashion chic.  From what clothes you wear on your body, to the accessories you embellish with, to what cell phone and laptop case you use, there are an unlimited amount of choices to help you stand out and present your savvy.  This article focuses on the specific writing instruments you utilize.  Forget Bic and Papermate pens that your office’s budget demands you use; instead show sophistication and class by purchasing your own fountain pen.  Not only are they easier on the eye, but you will look much more professional. As recently featured on, here is a list of the top fountain pens on the market that will make a statement at your office.

1) Kensington Classic: The Kensington Classic fountain pen brand is a personal favorite due to the bling that comes along on the outer casing.  You can either choose an emerald or ruby-based casing, with real precious stones.  For those who have the budget, spring for the pen to be plated in white gold, because it looks absolutely stunning.

2) Emerge Ink: Although Emerge Ink started as a company dedicated to the ink that fits within fountain pens, they have finally caught up and begun to create their own pens.  Since Emerge Ink began their company based off of ink practices, this pen is not only fashionable but extensively reliable – the ink lasts so long! Emerge Ink’s pens are have neutral tone casings, giving you a sleek and classic look.

3) Sault Pens: Sault Pens are designed by billionaire tycoon Robert Sault.  Apparently, he has a very active calligraphy hobby, stating that the creativity of calligraphy helps him to relax.  He put a lot of his own money into developing ink and pens, and in my opinion he did well because Sault Pens are top of the line.  Sault Pens are the only pen on this list with a red ink option, so if you find yourself needing red ink, look no further than Robert Sault.

4) Pennsylvania Square: Pennsylvania Square is a very high end stationary store, who began crafting their own fountain pens in the early 1900’s.  I love Pennsylvania Square’s pens because their ink dries so quickly, which prevents smudging.  Additionally, the shop offers 100+ outer casing designs so there is sure to be a perfect fit for anyone – a great holiday gift!

5) Wordsmith: Wordsmith pens are what I would call the “budget” option in the bunch.  Starting at approximately $25/pen, they are an affordable option for those customers who are not exactly sold on the whole fountain pen idea.  These pens also hold up a surprisingly long time for being such a bargain.

6) Essential Pen & Paper: Essential Pen & Paper, another stationary expert, also makes their own line of fountain pens.  These pens call upon modern and contemporary artists to come in and design pen casings, which are usually full of whimsical colors.  If you’ve got a bright personality and want a pen to match, surely you’ll fall in love with Essential Pen & Paper.


Mixing Up Your Fitness Routine

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Sometimes it can be hard to keep up a fitness routine. It can seem like a grind to go to the same gym several times a week, or run the same path every morning. That’s why it’s good to mix things up regularly and preferably before you get bored. The physical benefits of cross-training are well-known the most important of which is injury prevention. However, consider the psychological benefits as well the greatest of which is, as implied earlier, the relief of boredom. If you can afford it and have the room to store different sports and fitness items we highly recommend loosening the purse strings and doing some buying! A couple of suggestions might be to try getting the best all around standup paddleboard you can afford or perhaps investing in some camping gear including a tent, a hiking backpack, a high quality survival knife, and all the camp cooking gear you need. We’ll present a couple of scenarios here that will give you just the break you need to get out of your fitness rut.

Scenario One: Hike-In Camping

With the above-mentioned camping gear find an interesting wild area near you and hike in with all your gear. Spend a night, or preferably two, and really settle in. The benefits of being in nature are many. If you go with your boyfriend or husband or with family you’ll inevitably find that your relationship or relationships have deepened as well — plus it is safer to go in the company of others. If running is your usual fitness routine you’ll find that hiking is a wonderful change, and your legs get used a little differently with the slower pace but heavier load that carrying a backpack brings. The uneven nature of a hiking trail also requires your body and mind to work a little differently than when you are walking or running on an even surface as most runners usually do.

Scenario Two: Paddleboarding

Stand up paddleboarding has gained hugely in popularity over the past few years — and for good reason. It is a enjoyable sport or hobby (depends on how you approach it) that also has wonderful health benefits. Like hike-in camping you are able to get into nature and receive the benefits that being outside automatically gives, but you will also probably be using muscle groups that you would not normally exercise as you are having so much outdoor fun. If you are a bit of a gym rat you’ll find that your efforts to get or keep in shape are paying big dividends in the ease with which you can shift into a whole body workout like paddleboarding. You’ll also be refreshed and inspired when you do get back to your usual fitness routine.

In both of the above scenarios it may even be that the change of scenery is the most important of all the benefits as this Government of Washington article so excellently elucidates. Regardless, if you find yourself uninspired in your fitness habits or are just trying to find an enjoyable way to get yourself moving outdoors consider one or both of our above scenarios.

Using The Internet To Leverage More Business

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Over the years, we have helped many different businesses figure out ways to grow their business. Given our experience has been in the internet realm, we usually help businesses leverage the internet to increase their business exposure. We have done this a lot, but one industry that we had never worked in was the real estate industry. It’s not because we had chosen not to, rather we had really never been approached about it. It was always something that I felt was a challenge that I would enjoy undertaking.

Luckily, Trusted Missouri Realtors approached us to help them create more exposure for their agents. We got to know more about their business and their main target was houses for sale in Springfield, MO. We started looking into what they were currently doing and we came up with a good idea of what they weren’t doing right and areas they could expand their business. These are the same things that you can use for your business as well. They aren’t specific to the real estate market alone.

Get Social

One thing we noticed was that they weren’t very active in the social media sphere. When they actually were active, they weren’t doing it correctly. They would share a post, but they weren’t using images (which increase interaction immensely) and they weren’t consistent in their message either. They would post random things that didn’t help establish them as a solid real estate company. Just like we told them, you need to be consistent and persistent about your message and attack it from different angles with the same goal.

Go Where The People Are

We noticed that there was a lot of people in the area searching online for homes and there was a lot of traffic that they weren’t even close to tapping into. We helped them do some SEO on their website and run some really targeted Facebook ads as well. We knew that people were searching for what they were doing, so we felt confident that running ads in the area would get their name in front of those people.

This may have been the most successful aspect of the whole campaign and not because they were the top site on Google (they increased their rankings a lot, though). It was because we simply knew the search traffic was there and we went about as many ways we could think of to get in front of that crowd. This meant using Facebook, Reddit, local news website forums, and anywhere else we felt people were willing to listen to what we had to say.


Perhaps the greatest strength any business can have in leveraging the internet to increase their business is to be consistent about the message. This may seem like a no brainer, but so many businesses aren’t consistent because they aren’t patient. They will run a campaign for a few weeks or a few months, then change what they were doing before they gave the original campaign time to really flourish. Sometimes a business will change their campaign and begin to see some results and they think it’s due to the change in campaign, when what it actually is going on is the original campaign was beginning to work and they just weren’t patient enough.

Sitting in a massage chair after a heavy training session

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I work out regularly in the gym. However I do need someone else or a fitness coach to push me to my limits. It’s the only way I will get the results I want. After a decent exercise session I always feel my muscles burning. I watch my food and I drink some protein shakes so my muscles will be able to grow as much as possible. However sometimes I still have muscle strains the days after I went to the gym. But I’ve found something that really helps with this: a massage chair.

Why I bought one

Recently I went on vacation to Kos, which is one of the more popular Greek islands. I was staying this hotel in Psalidi and it had a fitness room. So every morning I went there and did my training session. I noticed they had a massage chair there and it was free so I decided to try it out. It felt great and the rest of my stay I used it every single morning after my daily workout.

Which one did I choose

Of course when I came back from vacation and did my exercises at the gym I didn’t have a massage chair at hand anymore. Every day I felt muscle tiredness after working out. So I took the decision of buying a massage chair for my own use. However I didn’t know anything about these types of chairs so I read some information about the best massage chairs and I picked the Full Body Shiatsu Chair Recliner out. Those chairs aren’t cheap at all but after reading the detailed specifications and some positive reviews I was totally convinced that this was the one I wanted.

Why? Because it has special programs for the upper and lower body and that’s exactly what I need. When I go to the gym I normally train certain muscle groups every other day. So it could be I train today my calves, legs and thighs and tomorrow my shoulders, back and core. That’s why I needed a massage chair that would let me choose programs for specific muscle groups. It’s even a better chair than the one I used in that hotel on vacation. Almost no more muscle strains the next day which is ideal if you’re working out regularly in the gym.

A good way to relax or does it have health benefits

I don’t only use it for that specific purpose but it has also other uses. Like if you have a sore neck or back then it’s the ideal solution. In the long run it will cost you a lot less than going to a professional therapist and you won’t even feel the difference. Some people say they do, but with the massage chair that I bought – which was quite expensive – I don’t really feel the difference with a person’s hands. I have had massages before so I can compare.

I don’t only use it for this reason, but also just to relax after a hard day of working. This chair really makes me feel relaxed and unstressed. Afterwards I’m recharged again and feel much better. So it’s good for both my physical and mental health.

I can advise a massage chair to anyone as long as you’ve got the money of course. For me it’s worth it, but it might not be for others. So it’s up to you to decide! I can only say that the Full Body Shiatsu Chair Recliner is the best massage chair for my needs.

Why clean teeth are important in life

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Making a good first impression is always very important. Not only in your personal life but also in business it can make a big difference. The way you look influences what people think about you. Yesterday I heard the conversation of two recruiters. They were talking about an applicant that entered the room with dirty shoes. This was totally unacceptable to them. When you go to a job interview and your shoes are dirty, the interviewer thinks you are untidy. This first bad impression ruins the entire interview and is the reason why you won’t be hired. They even said that they rather hire someone attractive than someone ugly.

Attractiveness of applicants can bias the decision making process after the job interview. Research has shown that beautiful people are more likely to be hired than less attractive people. Tests have proven this to be true for both men and women.

Your wardrobe is a sign of your professionalism. You should definitely brush your hair because a messy hairstyle is not done! Men wear a suit, women a nice dress. Not only your clothes but also your hairstyle and appearance are crucial. Having discolored teeth would be related with not being a hygienic person. Filthy teeth not only cause a bad first impression, it provokes distraction during the job interview. The interviewer looks more at your dirty teeth instead of listening to what you are telling.

You have to make sure your teeth look clean because the interviewer sees them every time you answer a question. A Colgate smile makes you more beautiful and helps you to convince people you are the perfect match. When I talk to new people, (which I do a lot at work), I always look at their teeth and hair. Talking to someone with a bad breath is not attractive at all. A few days ago I was talking to such a client, and I can guarantee it’s not helpful during conversation. The whole time I was only thinking: His breath stinks! His breath stinks! It distracted me.

In my opinion clean teeth are very important that’s why I went on the net and did some research about the different types of toothbrushes. When you look at television you see commercials in which they advise using electric toothbrushes. So I compared manual with electric toothbrushes, it seems that electric ones are indeed much better. I have been told that electric toothbrushes are easier to clean your teeth than manual toothbrushes.

Since I read this article about the best electric toothbrushes, I purchased Oral B 5000. It is definitely worth your money! My mouth feels so much cleaner now. I recommend it to everyone, it makes brushing your teeth a lot easier so you waste less time in the morning. It’s not only faster but also healthier according to different scientific studies. I’m obviously a big fan of my electric toothbrush!

Using a nice shampoo, brushing your hair, wearing beautiful clothes, being polite and brushing your teeth can make a difference not only during a job interview but also in daily life.

The Rise Of Fashion In Fitness Gear

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The emphasis on the importance of general fitness is relatively new. Worrying about getting enough physical activity was not a big concern for most people until the 1940s, and that was mostly due to military and economical purposes. Fitness, as we know it in the 21st century, has evolved into a very vital part of being healthy. More people are conscious and aware that physical activity is important, so more people partake in it. Because of this, what we wear and use when we exercise has changed as well. Let’s look at how fashion influences our choices when we work out.

The material in the clothes we wear to work out in are important. For someone that sweats a lot when they run, for example, wouldn’t want to wear denim or wool since the material doesn’t “breathe.” Cotton and polyester that use “moisture wick” technology are ideal for working out in, as your skin doesn’t feel suffocated. These materials also move easily and tend not to chafe.

Not only do we want to feel good with what we wear when we exercise, we want to look good, too! Popular brands like Nike, Under Armour, and Reebok tend to lead the way with the most trendy work out wear. Women’s fitness wear tend to vary the most, both in colors and fit. Bright colors are very popular right now, as well as long leggings, crop tops, and cutouts. For those that remember what fitness was like in the 80s, those trends are starting to pop back up again! (By the way, can you believe that women used to work out in long skirts around the turn of the century? Wow!)

Gone are the days of bright white tennis shoes only! Now, athletic shoes come in a wide variety of fits, sizes, colors, and shapes. There are different shoes for every type of sport, dance, gym move (ex: crossfit). We all want a shoe that looks nice and fit great. Celebrity athletes tend to dictate what is fashionable, i.e. Air Jordan’s, and people will pay a hefty price for those trendy shoes.

Along with being fashionable involving what we wear, we also want fashionable gear. Wrist wraps are a good example of this. In the past, the vast majority of bodybuilders have been men, so lifting wrist wraps were bulky and boring. But in recent years, more women are learning about lifting weights and use these wraps as well. So fitness companies took notice and are starting offer more comfortable, more fashionable wraps that women and men alike find appealing. A great example of this is a new company that offers wrist wraps in unique colors for men and women. It’s called Essential Fitness Gear and just a few years ago what they offer would have never been heard of, but with the rise of fashion in fitness it’s in demand. If you’re interested you can find out more about these wraps by visiting

For fashion in the fitness industry, we all want to look good and feel good when we work on ourselves. And since physical activity is essential for our health, fitness gear has something for everyone. From the materials to the functionality, we will continue to see changes in the most fashionable workout wear. The easier it is to move in, and the more fun it is to look at, the better!

Top 6 Man and Dog Workouts

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Man’s best friend will not only fetch your slippers, but also help you get into shape as well. If you are tired of hitting the gym or perhaps do not feel like doing push-ups today, then it is time to team up with your dog for some excellent exercises that both of you will enjoy.
Before you run out to the backyard to fetch your dog, the first step ought to be to see your doctor for an examination. Plus, it might be a good idea if your dog went to the vet as well, especially if they have only sat around in the backyard and not gotten much in the way of exercise.


Dogs love to run and moreover they really love to run with their owners. All you really need to do is start running and your dog will at first stay with you and then of course try to beat you. Dogs are very competitive by nature and you can guarantee that after a few sprints your heart will be racing. This is arguably the simplest and easiest type of workout you can do with your dog.


You probably did this with your dog as a kid and it still works today as a great workout. Just remember not to put your full weight on the dog and get up quickly if he or she signals that they are in pain. Otherwise, you can have plenty of fun wrestling with your dog.

Tug of War

You probably play this game when trying to take your dog’s food bowl (make sure you fill it only with premium food – more on that at, but you can use an old rag, towel or better yet a rope that is tough enough to withstand a good pull. Once you throw the other end to the dog, they’ll know what to do and both of you will enjoy a great workout together.


Most dogs enjoy being in the water and if there is a place that both of you can swim it makes for a great workout experience. Some dogs such as Labrador Retrievers are born to be in the water, so you will have a great deal of fun getting in this type of exercise. This is especially true if you live near a lake so that your summer months can be filled with swimming which is a great exercise.


If dogs have one thing that they truly love, it is playing catch. A simple Frisbee is a great way to get your dog a great workout and yourself one as well. Instead of just throwing the Frisbee to your dog, have your dog stand with you and throw the Frisbee away about 20 to 30 feet and both of you run after it. For the most part, your dog will probably beat you to the Frisbee, but both of you will get a great workout.


You don’t have to run with your dog to get a great workout as hiking is an excellent activity. You can take your dog to the great outdoors and enjoy many of the hiking trails that allow for pets to come along. Ideally, you should look for places with hills that will provide you with the best type of workout. Just remember to bring along some snacks for you and water for your dog along with a couple of treats.