Opening Your Own Boutique – What Customers Want

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107035395_c9c67f1d2b_oIt can be agreed upon most that women’s boutiques have a tremendous amount of staying power. Let’s face it many women love to shop. Women are always searching for the latest fashion trends and beauty secrets. It is estimated that women spend over $750 billion dollars each year on clothing and accessories. The amount that women spend on gym memberships are at an all-time high despite the current state of the economy. Our society places a considerable amount of value on beauty and fashion and there is no doubt that the earnings related to these industries are lucrative. One of the most important questions that aspiring boutique owners should ask themselves is, “what do customers want?” (more…)

Lack of Female CEO’s a Loss For Everyone

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3100604853_f44dfaed43_zOnly twenty six of America’s fortune 500 companies have female CEOs. That translates to a paltry 3%, a dismal statistic when it comes to gender equality. It would be absurd to argue that sexism is a thing of the past in view of such a glaringly obvious discrepancy in the promotion of women to top corporate posts. Efforts are being made by many organizations to correct such inequality, and those efforts seem to have helped women enjoy more equal treatment in corporate positions up to the C suite, but they have clearly not gone far enough when it comes to the top job, or any job above the C suite. There are a number of factors that contribute to this problem. Unless it is solved, corporations that do not embrace equality will continue to lose out in the war for talent. (more…)

Steps for Making Money as a Fashion Blogger

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For women who love fashion, there’s no better place to indulge in the latest trends and connect with others than the Internet. If you are passionate about fashion, a blog can be a great way to share your opinion and make money while doing it. Creating a blog that makes money will take some effort, but successful bloggers will quickly reap the rewards. Here are the steps to get started. (more…)

Is plastic surgery a good idea?

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It seems to be getting more and more popular, but is plastic surgery a good idea?

Do you need it?

In some cases people have plastic surgery because they need it, they have perhaps been scarred in an accident of some kind. Or they may need it to help them lose weight by, for example, having liposcution when all other efforts to lose weight have failed and they need to lose weight to cut down on health risks.

In other cases when people are trying to improve their looks in some way, the need may be less, although that is not necessarily the way that someone will feel, they may feel like they badly need an improvement to their nose or their breasts for instance. It may be affecting them psychologically and really hitting their self-esteem and the way they interact with other people and how they are getting on in life. In these circumstances it could be said that someone does really need surgery. In that case they should weigh up the risks of having surgery.

Are there any other options?

If you can avoid plastic surgery it is generally best to do so because of the risks and the costs involved. So try other options first if you can. So for example if you badly need to lose weight, it would be advisable to first do this by trying to exercise more or eat less. But if you’ve tried and failed to do it this way then perhaps plastic surgery would be a last resort you should consider.
Or if you want to try and look younger you could try anti-wrinkle creams, but if these don’t work or stop working, then plastic surgery, such as a face lift could be worth considering.

Have you got the money?

Plastic surgery can be very expensive and is never cheap. And it is likely that you will have to pay for it all yourself because your health insurance is very unlikely to pay for it unless you’ve had an accident and need to have plastic surgery to repair the damage that’s been caused.
It’s worth finding out from your health insurer if they will pay for it but you can generally presume not and have to make sure that you have all your money yourself. Don’t get yourself in financial trouble by having the surgery unless it’s really important to you to have it done.

Is it worth the risk?

All surgery carries some risk, and although plastic surgery is not high risk, it does still carry some risk. The more serious risks come when you need to have a general anesthetic, which can lead to deaths in a small number of cases. But there are also the risks of the surgeon doing a bad job and the surgery looking awful. There can also be quite a long recovery time for some of the operations.
So you need to weigh up with the benefits of having the surgery are worth the risks. If you decide that it is worth the risk you start doing research into finding the best plastic surgeons in your area and how much they cost to do the operation that you wish for.

When you’ve made a shortlist of surgeons, go and visit them and ask lots of questions and see how much confidence you have in them. Only when you’re fully happy with a surgeon should you go ahead with the operation.

Get Fit Tips For Parents

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With Thanksgiving just over and Christmas just around the corner most people are pretty much piling on the pounds during the winter months. One reason for a lot of the weight gain is the amount of temptation for lots of tasty food. The other reason is that the weather often means that physical activity is limited. This will ultimately result in the dreaded realization that clothes no longer fit. And once the New Year retail therapy starts a lot of women realize they need to buy larger sizes.

From personal experience I can say that this will then again result in problems once the weight is lost and new purchases become too big. Don’t get me wrong it is a great achievement, but it’s also a waste of money. For today’s post I want to give some advice especially to parents to help them stay fit and lose weight during the winter.

The key to maintaining weight and staying fit is a balanced diet and physical activity. As already mentioned, for most people the temptation of good food during the winter festivities is just too great and most of us give in to those temptations. So what you will need to focus on is the physical activity. The limiting factor for parents is the time to get away from kids and go for a run or to the gym or pool.

One of my favorite winter activities is going to the pool. I find it very relaxing and you are not dependent on the weather being good. I have also found that around November and December most pools become very quiet. So, my first suggestion to parents is to work with your partners and come up with a schedule where you can plan to get out of the house on specific days to go for a swim.

Dependent on the family size this is not always possible or convenient and children’s needs often interfere with such plans. That is why I love some advice I heard from my good friend Jenny. Go out and pick up a jogging stroller and bring your baby or toddler along for the run. I didn’t believe it at first but there are very specifically designed strollers that make it really easy to run and push a stroller at the same time.

This would not be possible even with the best baby stroller as the frame will get in the way of your stride and the whole stroller will not be stable enough. Safety is also a concern and jogging strollers are perfectly set up to keep you baby safe. They are even available as double strollers so even if you have two young children you can still get out for a run when it suits you.

The final suggestion we would make is to get set up with a home gym or to invest in some exercise and fitness DVDs like Insanity or P90X. I have met e lot of people that have done this with tremendous success and the programs can be tailored to your needs.

My main point is that you can offset all the eating by some simple activity ideas even when the weather is not so great and your home life is very busy. Don’t fall into the trap of constant weight fluctuations, as this can be very frustrating.

How to Keep Your Body Trim and Fit With Juicing

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As you probably know, it’s in vogue these days to juice. All over the news you can see celebrities who are staying fit by juice fastings. The fact that celebrities are promoting their habits have made juicing mainstream and much more accepted. It is now fashionable to juice.

More and more people are doing juicing, and more and more juice shops are opening. this is great because it helps your body get more vitamins and minerals. Many people find it hard to get fruits and veggies into their diet the “regular way,” but it can be much simpler. By juicing you can easily put greens into your body, one cup of juice can be up to 4 servings of fruits and veggies.

Drinking juice can help you stay healthy, but actually committing to a juice cleanse will really get you trim and fit. One caveat is to not use too many fruits as they have a lot of sugar in them even. So if you’re on a juice cleanse, I suggest juicing mainly veggies which can be complemented by 1 apple per glass.

Many of the best juices contain kale. Kale is one of the most nutritious veggies around: it has protein, fiber, vitamin A, B, C and K to name a few. Kale also can help prevent cancer and heart disease (and even help you go to the bathroom, shh!).

These days it’s important to stay healthy. There are many bad examples around us of obesity which can be prevented or remedied by good eating and exercise. Apart from an improved physical appearance, you will perform better overall and will have better health. You will feel better and even have more energy at work. You should easily be able to get through the day without exhaustion.

I’ve known quite a few people personally who had extreme fatigue. I’ve shown them how juice and got them into it and now they juice every morning. They tell me they have a heightened amount of energy and are forever grateful. When you first start juicing you may not immediately feel heightened energy because your body tends to cleanse toxins out of your body first. After this initial stage, you will feel your body gaining more and more energy.

It’s also important to drink your juice on an empty stomach and if you want to eat a meal after drinking your fresh juice, you should wait about 20min. This gives your body enough time to assimilate all the good nutrients from the fruits and veggies. One of my favorite recipes is green juice recipe that I found here:

– 1 head of kale
– 1 ½ lemons
– 1 apple or 2 small apples
– 4-5 stalks of celery
– 1 Persian cucumber
– ½ head of lettuce

If you were to drink this every morning you would find in increased amount of energy and you’d be able to feel better in life. Hopefully this helps, good luck and have a great day!

Seven Less Stressful Forms of Exercise

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Competitive sports aren’t for everyone. Being chased by half a dozen players and constantly elbowed out of the way can prove to be quite stressful to some. For those seeking to engage in a less strenuous sport or physical activity, you might consider signing up for some of the following fun, mildly challenging sports:


This centuries-old practice is a good way of heightening both your mental and physical health. If you’re looking to exercise your upper body, then you’ve hit the right target. On a more personal level, archery also improves one’s mental focus and helps boost self-confidence.

Despite being a stationary sport, archery can still be physically demanding. On the plus side, beginners can progress at their own pace to build upper body strength.

Benefits of archery: Drawing bow strings is an effective way of toning your upper back, shoulders and arms. Take into account the fact that you’re actually pulling sixty pounds of weight with each shot, meaning you will be building up your core muscles through continuous practice.

The mental benefits of archery are numerous. By focusing on a target, you are refining your concentration skills and learning to maintain patience.  When you think about it, archery is all about developing exceptional focus skills. Consequently, the attention skills you acquire from archery are the same tools that you need for dealing with mentally demanding tasks in everyday life.


Designed by Joseph Pilates in the first half of the 20th century, Pilates comprises an all-embracing fitness program. This phenomenon in the world of fitness has gained momentum in the last few years. Today you can find a range of instructional DVD’s and books, but Pilates is best practiced with an experienced instructor.

Benefits of Pilates: The list is endless. However, the main purpose of Pilates is to lengthen and stretch core muscles in order to attain flexibility and improve coordination. Just like yoga, good posture and coordinated breathing are at the key to physical and spiritual wellness. While Pilates is not a ‘fat-burning’ activity, it will certainly do wonders to your core strength.

Tai chi

Probably the slowest fitness activity on the planet, Tai Chi is mainly focused on meditative and spiritual outcomes. Tai Chi is a martial art stemming from ancient Chinese traditions, but nowadays it has grown into a worldwide practice.

Benefits of tai chi: It might seem a bit far-fetched at first, but studies carried out by Stanford University and Harvard Medical School have shown that Tai Chi helps to improve abdomen strength and fortifies core muscles.  

Table tennis

Ping pong is an ideal way of spending some enjoyable quality time with a friend. It is also a great stress-reliever and an easy way of burning some extra calories. If Tai Chi is way too slow for your liking, turn up the tempo with a light game of table tennis.

Benefits of table tennis: The physical benefits encompass all body areas. Running around the ping pong table strengthens your legs and contributes to weight loss. A quality pair of cross training shoes can improve your performance significantly and prevent injury, you can learn more about buying the correct shoes for table tennis at or a local sport store in your area.

Due to its required speed and agility, table tennis helps in maintain a sharp and active mind. It’s also a good cardiovascular sport as it gets your heart and blood pumping.


It’s never too late to start doing yoga. There’s no excuse about being too old or out of shape. Yoga techniques and poses can be modified to meet individual needs. To some extent yoga is like an a la carte menu, where you can pick and choose different techniques and create your own routine.

While the yoga videos that you’ll find online are usually easy to follow, booking a few classes with an instructor can help you identify your actual physical needs.

Benefits of yoga: An entire page can be devoted to the benefits of yoga, and I recommend visiting the yoga section on this website for further information.

Yoga is a holistic practice that heals our body, mind, and soul. It is the right medicine for anyone suffering from continuous back pain due to bad posture. The focus on the lengthening and flexibility of the spine improves our posture and balance.

In summary, yoga increases physical stamina through stretching, boosts self-confidence through learning to maintain good posture, and helps us establish spiritual wellness through its relaxation and meditative techniques.


You don’t need to have an aggressive personality to sign up for fencing classes. Indeed, it’s a competitive sport and it can get a bit too intense, but fencing can also be practiced in the company of friends.

Benefits of fencing: Fencing entails a good deal of mental input. The psychological benefits of fencing include problem solving and strategic skills, sharp concentration and an active mind.

Excellent coordination between legs and arms is a skill developed by all competent fencers.  Fencing also increases leg strength and endurance and helps you achieve sharper reflexes. Due to its fast-paced and agile movements, fencing endows regular practitioners with cardiovascular benefits, which include lower cholesterol and blood pressure, healthy weight, and a decreased risk of heart disease.

Latin dance

Do you think you can dance? Well it doesn’t matter, it’s still worth a shot! If both yourself and your better half need to get fit (and perhaps more sensual), signing up for a salsa or Argentinian tango class offers the right solution. You’d trip and stumble a few times at first, but before you know it you’ll be swaying your body like a true Latino.

Benefits of Latin dancing:  The key benefit of Latin dance is body coordination. You’ll be moving different parts of the body simultaneously while keeping your mind focused on each movement. As your hips twist to that Samba rhythm, your legs and feet will be moving fast in coordination to your partner’s movements. And the best thing about Latin dance? It makes you feel AND look sexy.

Business Advise on Starting Outdoor Equipment Business

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If you are thinking of starting your own business, you should always start small, unless you are franchising an existing business. Having your own business is no small matter and should be taken seriously. A lot of starter business have failed to last more than three years since they started, because they have skipped steps that are essential in forming the foundation of your business. This principle can be applied to outdoor equipment businesses as well. Any business with a strong foundation will last for many years.

Start Online

The good thing about opening up your own outdoor equipment business these days is that you have the option to open up an online shop before you can choose to get a retail space first. This is one of the first small steps that you should take so that you can see for yourself which parts of your business need improvement. You can start making your home as your first base of selling outdoor equipment. Take advantage of using social networks such as creating a Facebook page and share it among your friends. Some of your friends may help spread the word to some of their friends that are interested in outdoor equipment as well. Do not mind if your customers are numbered – it will gradually grow over the years with persistence and dedication to your passion.

You can think about putting up your own website later when you have enough money to start it.

Sell Your Used Outdoor Equipment

If you are a passionate outdoor person, you may have one equipment or two that you used for doing outdoor activities, maybe your first beginner bow or crossbow. If you think that they are no longer of use to you and it would be a waste to throw them away, try selling them at a reasonable price. Again, you can use your social network account to promote your used goods. You will eventually find customers who are interested in them, although it may take a while.

The Money Needed to Start

There is no actual figure to start up an outdoor equipment business because this depends on the scale you are starting with first and the space you are going to use to display your goods. If you are starting at the garage of your home, you can save money for renting space. If you have sold a couple of used pieces of equipment, you can use this as the capital for future investments. Always learn from the experience you see before you, as it will be your guide on what you are going to do next. Never open a retail store if you think that you have not enough money to pay monthly rent.

The Best Location

Since it is an outdoor equipment business, the best place would be the semi-urban. Suburbs and urban places are also good choice, but you may want to avoid the rural areas, especially if there are only a few people coming about. Areas where crossbow hunting or bowhunting is popular are also good.

Lastly, do not partake in this kind of business if you are just forced by those close to you or you hear someone saying that it will make you a lot of money. Having that kind of mindset might be your failure in making your business last longer.

Starting a Fashion Blog or Promoting Fashion Products?

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So, you have a passion for writing and fashion?  Well there are a couple of good places to start and things to look for along the way.   Now, making money online or getting visitors to your site may not come immediately and will take some long hours building your new blog if you want to see success.  If you hang in there and focus on creating quality content and market that content, then you might have a shot.  Here is a guide on how to get started.

First Things First…Branding Your Blog

You want to come up with a suitable name for your blog that is catchy and memorable.  This will be much easier if you choose the angle or focus that you want to take first.  There are many different aspects of the fashion scene and covering all of those aspects would be a defeating process.  If you are just after marketing other company’s products then we recommend taking a look at Male Emporium.  This website is designed to promote men’s clothing and has a brandable name.  Selecting your name may take some time and could be a frustrating process because many domains have been registered.  Be patient and choose your blog’s name wisely so others will not have a problem remembering your name.

The second step is selecting a platform that you can use to publish your content.  There are many different platforms out there like Word Press, Blogger, and Blogspot.  Each are very easy to use and setup.  Once you have selected your platform, it may be a challenge to move your content to another platform down the road so we recommend using Word Press for ease of use.  After you have your new blog setup, your next focus will be fresh content.

When building a fashion blog you should have a broader focal point.  This will make it much easier to create categories that branch off from your broader focus.  You want to make it easy to come up with ideas to write about and if you select too small of a focus, you will run out of content to write about.  Make sure to follow what is not only interesting to you, but to others as well because they will be your audience.

Content is King, but It Won’t Guarantee Success

Staying up to date on the latest fashion news or products is crucial and wring unique, fresh content on a regular basis is important.  If no one is reading your content thought then it does not matter what you are writing about.  That’s why promoting your content and sharing with others is just as crucial as writing about your enthusiasm of fashion.  Setting up social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter is a great start.  Finding people with social media and networking to build those relationships is a must.

All of the tips above are a great starting point, but it will take self motivation to follow through and it will take time to start seeing traffic to your blog.  Finding fellow blogger’s in your area will help fuel your drive to succeed and having an accountability partner will help.  You can find local blogging groups on Meetup which is free to use. Best of luck to your new fashion blog!

Summer Trends

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5945939866_91abe1f6cc_oFashion designers have dipped into the boldest colors in the paint box, and we’ll all have a lot of fun getting dressed this season. Anything goes as long as it’s brighter, more feminine and a bit dressier than in past years. Dresses are cut for a slimmer, more elegant silhouette, and the fabrics are light and flowing. Even shorts of all styles have undergone a makeover and are perfectly suitable for business casual wear. Most pieces have been designed for an easy transition from the office to cocktails and dinner. Overall, the playful use of color defines the summer of 2014.

Colors from the entire spectrum—orange, in particular—have splashed into fabrics, jewelry and handbags. A crocodile purse I saw recently was dyed sky blue and lime green to surprisingly elegant effect. Patterns range from floral to tie-dye to peacock. Even camouflage is hanging in there, but in outlandish color combinations like pink and purple. The standard “little black dress” will turn plenty of heads in bright azure or canary yellow. Now that I think about, hardly anything is the color it used to be: The peacock I mentioned before is likely to be any combo except green and blue. Feel free to make your own rules, even where evening wear is concerned. Black tie affairs just got a lot more interesting.

I love wearing dresses, and the possibilities this summer are endless. The timeless Dior look, with a fitted bodice, belted waist and full skirt, is popular again at any length. Maxi dresses, great for comfort and versatility, have been tailored down to fall closer to the body. Many are slit to show a little leg. Simple, sleeveless sheaths have been embellished with sheer panels above the bodice or lace at the neckline. Pastels are still a good bet, but shimmery fabrics make them pop—think Grace Kelly in her icy blue gown at the Academy Awards. In all dresses, look for shine, shimmer, more movement and flow.

If you’ve planned a beach vacation, you’ll be startled by the evolution of the swimsuit cover-up. Muumuus and terry zip-ups won’t cut it anymore. Caftans are gorgeous this year, flattering and dressy enough to wear to dinner poolside with a change of shoes and the addition of some chunky jewelry. Other outdoor staples, like shorts, bandeaus and crop tops have been kicked up a notch for a classier appearance. If you dare to reveal some skin, take note—the bare midriff no longer exposes the navel. Waistlines have risen to the waist on shorts, bikini bottoms and light trousers. In swimsuits, florals and geometric patterns are popular, the bolder the better. Bermuda shorts aren’t nerdy anymore and transition well for work or play. For the office, find a pair with a light sheen to the fabric and top them with a tailored blouse. Save denim cut-offs for the back yard this year; the tomboy look has given way the soft and feminine, even in shorts.

There’s something for everyone in shoes. Stilettos shares equal space with chunky heels, and traditional summer espadrilles are offered in eye-popping colors. Fun trends include wild patterns, rock-studding and metallic accents, especially rose-gold.

Don’t avoid brilliant lip shades, but tone down your cheek and eye makeup. Slicked-back, wet-look hair balances well with strong brows and sheer lips. Add a light bronzer for that day-at-the-beach look.

Orange you glad it’s summer?

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