Opening Your Own Boutique – What Customers Want

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107035395_c9c67f1d2b_oIt can be agreed upon most that women’s boutiques have a tremendous amount of staying power. Let’s face it many women love to shop. Women are always searching for the latest fashion trends and beauty secrets. It is estimated that women spend over $750 billion dollars each year on clothing and accessories. The amount that women spend on gym memberships are at an all-time high despite the current state of the economy. Our society places a considerable amount of value on beauty and fashion and there is no doubt that the earnings related to these industries are lucrative. One of the most important questions that aspiring boutique owners should ask themselves is, “what do customers want?” (more…)

Lack of Female CEO’s a Loss For Everyone

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3100604853_f44dfaed43_zOnly twenty six of America’s fortune 500 companies have female CEOs. That translates to a paltry 3%, a dismal statistic when it comes to gender equality. It would be absurd to argue that sexism is a thing of the past in view of such a glaringly obvious discrepancy in the promotion of women to top corporate posts. Efforts are being made by many organizations to correct such inequality, and those efforts seem to have helped women enjoy more equal treatment in corporate positions up to the C suite, but they have clearly not gone far enough when it comes to the top job, or any job above the C suite. There are a number of factors that contribute to this problem. Unless it is solved, corporations that do not embrace equality will continue to lose out in the war for talent. (more…)

Steps for Making Money as a Fashion Blogger

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For women who love fashion, there’s no better place to indulge in the latest trends and connect with others than the Internet. If you are passionate about fashion, a blog can be a great way to share your opinion and make money while doing it. Creating a blog that makes money will take some effort, but successful bloggers will quickly reap the rewards. Here are the steps to get started. (more…)

Must-Try 20-Minute Elliptical Cardio Workout

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Staying motivated to hit the gym can be difficult when you are always doing the same routine. Next time you hit the gym, why not try something a little different? We are giving you a must-try cardio workout for the elliptical to help keep you in shape. The best part? It’s only 20 minutes long! There is nothing better than a cardio workout to make you feel strong and refreshed.

Why the Elliptical?

Elliptical trainers are a favorite of many women hitting the gym, thanks to their versatility and the fact that they go easy on your joints. You can do different workouts on this machine to target different areas. It is excellent for getting your heart rate up, so it’s a perfect choice for a great cardio workout.

One study found that these trainers are great for whipping your weak quadriceps into shape, more so than a treadmill or even the stationary bike. Our experts’ tip? Go backwards to see the best results. It’s not just weak quads; they’re also great for targeting your butt and external hip muscles.

The Workout

Workout time: 20 minutes

In just 20 minutes, you can squeeze this workout into your lunch break, without having to sacrifice calorie burns. By incorporating high-intensity interval training, or HIIT, you can get the most out of your workout, in a shorter space of time. It also stops things getting boring, which can happen when you keep the same pace on the elliptical.

Get The Most Out Of Your Workout

You want to start with a warm up to get your body ready to put in the hard work. As expected with HIIT, you are going to be hit with a series of intervals, alternating between periods of hard work and recovery periods. The intervals will get longer, then slowly go back down.

Remember, you want to put in some hard work to see the most benefits, so try working at the higher end of your maximum ability at about 8 or 9 out of ten for the intervals. We would aim for your strides per minute to be above 160. For the recovery, you can go down to about a 5 or 6. If you are struggling slowing down, you can try not using your hands. Not only will this help slow your speed, but it will also give your core a bit of a challenge.

The Intervals

When it comes to timings, you want to follow this simple rule; mirror your interval time with recovery time. That means that if you do a 20-second interval, you need to follow it with a 20-second recovery. By following this simple trick you get the most out of your workout, burn maximum calories and boost your metabolism.

Once you have completed your warm up, you can do the following:

– 15-second interval/recovery x 2
– 30-second interval/recovery x 2
– 45-second interval/recovery x 1
– 1-minute interval/recovery x 4
– 45-second interval/recovery x 1
– 30-second interval/recovery x 2
– 15-second interval/recovery x 2

Follow your interval training with a 3-minute cool down to bring your heart rate back down. Don’t forget to follow this up with a stretch to avoid strain or injury.

Out of This World Fitness Coaching

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One of the cardinal rules of fashion is that you have to be able to fit into your clothes. Many of my friends spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars at retail stores buying fashionable clothing that they hope will make them look good, but then they neglect to put as much thought and care into their fitness routine. Those of you who read this blog know that I am completely the opposite. Well, I recently ventured out for a day of culture at the nearby planetarium, and fitness was admittedly the last thing on my mind, but it was all I could think about when I left.

I have always been sort of a science geek and the museum was running an online promotion through, so I got buy one get one free tickets!  In addition to the awesome show at the planetarium, there happened to be a small exhibit about astronauts and their rigorous exercise training before departure, in space, and post landing.  Did you know that astronauts are required to exercise a minimum of two hours a day while in space? This helps to make sure their bodies do not change too much from the anti-gravity living. There are even treadmills with specially made restraints to make the astronauts feel like they are running on Earth! So interesting!

As aforementioned, I take my fitness routines quite seriously, but in no way was I prepared for the gargantuan amount (and variety) of exercise these astronauts have to put in.  For the first moon landing, all the astronauts on board went through a 3-year physical endurance training before even stepping foot on the spaceship.  I learned that the astronauts are taught to practice yoga and kempo karate, undergo strict core strengthening exercises, lift weights and must stretch for at least an hour daily.  This was in addition to their almost daily safety drills and gravity training.

For modern expeditions, crossfit exercises have been added to the average astronaut’s exercise regimen.  The exhibit included pictures of the NASA crossfit gym and it was so humbling to see them exercising alongside pictures of satellite images and astronomical telescopes, as a way to remind them of their goal and to always keep fighting.  It just made me truly reflect on how much strength our astronauts have, not only mentally, but physically.  When you truly think about it, they’re training to be launched into space!

While on board the space shuttle, their two hours of exercise is mostly cardio based, with lots of focus on flexibility.  In order to keep their blood adequately flowing, their bones intact and their muscles hard, exercise is mandatory.

Once they return home, astronauts must keep up the physical activity in order to help their bodies assimilate back to a gravity bearing environment.  Apparently transitioning from the two environments can be quite detrimental to the human body if it is not properly prepared.  To this day, scientists still study what the best exercise and diet regimen is for astronauts in both gravity and non-gravity environments.

It makes me feel lucky that I only have to worry about exercising for an environment in gravity!  Additionally, it makes me realize that no one should have any excuse not to exercise! I know that most of us have busy lives and hectic jobs, but if fitness is a priority, you will find a way to schedule it into your routine! If people in one of the most demanding and stressful jobs can set aside time to be fit, surely you can too.

Anyway, at the end of the tour there was a local gym that I had heard of from a friend offering a free two-week astronaut-style fitness coaching. I’ve been wanting to take my work out to the next level, so I signed up. Over the next two weeks I will be coached into working out with the same routines and at the same intensity that those preparing to be astronauts do. I am so excited to be able to step it up. Wish me luck! I really hope that I don’t die as I elevate my fitness training to be out of this world!

How to Stay Fit with the Help of Air Compressors’ Practical Applications

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With the help of air compressors, there are a lot of practical uses that you can enjoy.

If you think about air compressors, you know that they are not gym equipment. Thus, the idea of using air compressors and losing weight does not match in any way. However, you just have to look into the practical applications of air compressors and you will find out just how it will be of help in your goal to lose weight.

Power washing

The first thing that you can do at home is to clean your vehicle or clean dirty areas at home. When dirty got stuck and you want to remove them by force, then you can use power washers. They will help clean out the entire area with ease. The pressure coming from the water helps in making sure that the dirt is removed quickly. However, control also comes to play. You don’t want to destroy anything. Thus, you need to control the use of the hose as well. This is where you need to exert more effort. Doing this task for an hour or so will help you lose weight for sure. Power washers exist because of air compressors. The pressure that builds up from the washer came from the air that has been pressurized inside the tank. Hence, you can feel just how strong it is.

Paintball gun

Everyone loves doing this game. It takes only a toy gun and some useful tactics to ensure that you survive and win in the end. Of course, it involves a lot of running and moving around the field. You will surely sweat playing this game especially if it lasts for several hours. This will once again help you achieve your goal in losing weight. Paintball guns also exist because of air compressors. When you click on the rifle, there is too much pressure so you can hit someone even from a long distance. This is also the reason why you need a shield. You can only hit someone on the shield and not in other parts of the body since it can be very painful. The pressure is too strong that it can injure others when not used properly.


The good thing about diving is that you exert too much effort, but you don’t feel it. You can simply feel the fun and be exhausted later on. You can go on for several minutes down there without noticing that you have already used up a lot of energy. Again, this helps in your goal to lose weight. Diving is possible because of that cylindrical tank attached to your back. This is your source of oxygen. You can breathe for several minutes down there.

Getting an air compressor

See the limitless possibilities with the help of an air compressor? You can have fun and at the same time achieve your goal of losing weight. In fact, before you knew it, you already lost a lot. If you want an air compressor now, read these air compressor reviews. If you are interested in buying an actual air compressor, check the dwfp55130 model.

Breast Implants and the Woman’s Sex Appeal

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The woman’s body has been getting more and more exposure over the past century. Wherever you look in the media, whether it be a TV commercial, billboard ad, or newspaper, the woman’s body and appeal has been used as a sales tool. And female fashion has even taken a change. Today, many clothes females wear are much more revealing to show their cleavage and legs and much tighter to show their overall shape and form. As a result of the new female fashion trends and the proliferation of a more seductive feminine image, there’s been a huge rise in fitness programs as females try to develop a better, sexier and more attractive bodies to increase their overall sex appeal and self-esteem.

Now, many features of a woman’s body unfortunately cannot be enhanced naturally through just exercise and as a result, many females resort to various types of cosmetic surgery to enhance their bodies. And there are many different types of plastic surgeries out there today. Just to name a few, there is rhinoplasty (nose enhancement), rhytidectomy (face lift), forehead lifts, breast augmentation, tummy tuck, buttock lifts, face lifts, and the list goes on. In fact, the amount of plastic surgery’s per year has more than quintupled over the past decade.

One of the more famous surgeries among women today is breast augmentation, which you can learn more about from this Breast Implants Edmonton clinic. Anyways, this is a surgical procedure whereby an implant is placed into a woman’s breast to increase its size and enhance symmetry. It can either be done for cosmetic reasons or reconstructive reasons. But this will be dependent on the patient’s direct needs. However, this is done quite often among younger women for cosmetic reasons who are looking to increase their sex appeal and femininity. It is also done by older woman who are trying to look younger and sexier again.

The two types of implants used in breast augmentation are either saline or silicone. Saline implants are implants that are filled with a salt water solution. This type of solution is formulated to provide no internal damage to the body in the unfortunate case of a rupture. However, one negative to saline implants is that they don’t feel as natural as silicone implants.

The second type of implants are silicone implants. These are implants which are filled with gel. They provide a much more natural & softer look and feel to them. However, one down side to these types of implants is that they do generally cost a lot more than saline implants. Moreover, they also require a larger incision than what would be required for a saline implant. However, if you’d like to learn more about breast augmentation, check out this article by WebMD.

Another famous cosmetic surgery among women is buttock augmentation, or buttock lifts. This is similar to breast augmentation. The primary difference is that instead of increasing the breast size, the buttock size is increased through various types of methods; a few of which are saline or silicone implants.

Now we know most people generally want to look the best they can. And this is exactly why plastic surgery is becoming increasingly popular. Everyone wants to look sexy. But regardless of your reason to get plastic surgery, it’s very important and wise to be very careful and keen when consulting your doctor beforehand. Make sure you’re aware of the health risks and potential side effects. Also, think long and deep about why you’re doing it. Because there can also be some deep, psychological reasons for it as well. Make sure you’re not doing it to please others. Make sure it’s for yourself. And learn to be satisfied with your appearance as well.

Selling Completely Different Products in One Store and Making It Work

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It is common for business owners to choose a niche when selling products. This is to ensure that they have a brand and people will know immediately what they offer. Thus, you can see restaurants selling nothing else but food. You can see boutiques selling the same items only. If they sell clothes, then they will focus only on clothes. They might throw some accessories, but they are still related to what people wear. You can rarely see different and completely unrelated products sold in one store. If a business owner wants to diversify his business, then he would rather open up two different stores.

However, there are instances in which it may work. There are restaurants that offer tattoo services as well. The reason behind it is that tattooing takes time and so those who accompany the person getting a tattoo might one to eat first. You can also see stores selling ladies’ bags and toys at the same time. This might seem weird, but there is a good reason to it. The main customers of the store are mothers. Each time they shop, they hurry things up because their kids want to buy toys or go somewhere else. Thus, to avoid letting mothers choose between shopping and taking their kids to a toy store, the store offered both.

A unique combination

If you want to make things work, you can always find a way to do it. You can sell knives and dresses at the same time. This might seem really weird, but it might work. You can open up a store that sells dresses and other fashionable items catering to mothers or older women. These are the same people who might have interest in cooking and homemaking. Thus, it makes total sense for you to sell knives and knife sharpeners to them. You can just find a way to make the business look appealing despite the weird mix of products. You can also throw some other kitchen appliances and tools that they can use.

If you want to attract them, you have to make sure that you buy only the highest quality products. If you want to sell the best knife sharpener, you have to check this out. If you want to provide an electric knife sharpener, go to In doing this, you can assure them that they not only get the most fashionable clothing, but they also get the best kitchen utensils and tools.

A one stop shop

Mothers want to save time, money and effort. This is why they always plan things out. If they only have a limited time to do a lot of things, you will be surprised that they can still manage to do it. They can shop and buy groceries in just a few hours. This is what it takes to be a mother. Therefore, if you can do your share in helping them out by opening a retail store that sells clothes and kitchen tools, then you are doing them a huge service.

Choosing the Correct Fitness Shoes

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Over the years I have competed in 12 marathons, two CrossFit main events, three triathlons and hundreds of soccer games. To compete at the highest level can take months of training and a huge amount of preparation.

The entire learning process for any sport can be quite complex. Improving your personal best efforts is sometime demoralizing when you don’t reach your targets. Your hard work might be hampered by simply wearing the wrong shoes.

I recently conducted a survey at my local running club to see what type of shoes everyone was wearing. I was shocked to find out that 14 of the 96 members were not wearing shoes designed for running!

After time-testing the 14 members with their old shoes and a set of new running shoes, we noticed big improvements with every athlete. The importance of wearing the correct shoes is paramount.

Below I have listed my recommended shoes for a range of different activities and sports.

Shoes for Cross Training

If you do a mixture of training or sporting events you will require a pair of cross training shoes. I have been a member of my local CrossFit box for the past eight years. It’s important I use the best crossfit shoes for women during my training, simply because I will be using them around five times a week.

My current recommendation is the Reebok Nano 4.0, as they are designed for CrossFit and are very durable, giving you good value for your money.

Shoes for Running

Choosing a pair of running shoes can take time because there are so many different makes and models. I would highly recommend going to a local running store and trying on a range of different designs. The running store will also measure your feet to ensure the correct fitting.

Over the years I have tried and tested lots of different brands. Right now I use the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 14. The design is excellent and the fitting is perfect for me, but they are a little expensive.

Shoes for Soccer

If you play field soccer you really need a pair of boots. The Adidas and Nike range are both well designed and comfortable, but do tend to be expensive.

I play a lot of Astroturf soccer with five-a-side teams. If you want to participate you will need a flexible pair of shoes that can grip the turf well.

I have only been using them for two weeks but the Nike Free 5.0 V6 are simply awesome. They are available in four different colors, but it’s all about performance and these shoes really are special.

Shoes for Weight Training

The Reebok Nano 4.0 would be fine if you can’t afford two pairs of shoes. If you are mainly focusing on lifting, then it would be a good idea to buy a pair of shoes designed just for this type of training.

I use the Nike Romaleos 2 for heavy lifting and they still look brand new. The support given by the shoe is excellent and it’s a pleasure to wear them during every session.

Enjoy a Better Physique With These Ideas for Getting Fit

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Lacking motivation often causes people to not reach their weight loss goal. You will have the best results if you apply tips like the ones in this article, which can help make your workouts more fun and enjoyable.

More than likely, you’ve seen a baby dance to the beat of music. It is almost impossible to stay still while listening to music. Listening to music while you exercise can definitely make it more enjoyable and effective. Music is a great way to keep you motivated when getting tired and it is also a great way to keep exercising fun.

Have a friend join you for your workout. When you use exercise as a reason to hang out with friends, you will be amazed at how fast it goes and how much fun you have. You will forget about the pain of working out if you have friends to talk to.

Video game workouts are another tool you can put in your exercise arsenal. Playing a game is another great option that makes you forget about how tired you are while working out. As your focus is going to be on the video game, you will forget you are actually exercising. Even as you continue to exercise, you will not feel the same fatigue as a regular workout.

A difficult part of working out is being watched as you exercise. Well-fitting workout clothes will do wonders for your self-confidence. There is a wide variety of styles, colors and sizes for people to wear when working out. Choose workout gear that makes you feel comfortable, but also is a little fun. Dressing well leads to feeling good, which results in more motivation to exercise.

Since exercise routines can get boring quickly, be prepared to change up your routine often. It is important to introduce new ways to exercise into your routine to avoid from getting bored. Keep your spirits up. When you take a break from exercise, it’s hard to rebuild the momentum you had going.

Rewarding yourself for making progress is an excellent way to stay motivated as you work toward your fitness goals. Whether it be a scoop of your favorite ice cream or a pair of new earrings, your reward needs to be something you anticipate and appreciate so that you can stay motivated going forward. You do not have to spend lots of money or go overboard in any way. It will remind you of how well you are doing and at the same time will keep you motivated.

Be like a friend I have that owns a search engine optimization company called He runs 4 miles every day and eats clean 6 days per week. He stays below 7% effortlessly.

Exercising does not have to be a drag. You can have fun and make more progress with a few simple alterations. Use the information in this piece to turn your exercise routine into something fun, rather than something you dread.

How to have great looking skin

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The skin is a vital part of the body which contains around 20 per cent of our total weight and acts as a protective layer between our organs and the outside world. Here are some tips for looking after it well.

Make sure you protect your skin from the sun

The sun is the biggest cause of ageing. It can’t be avoided totally, but there’s a lot we can do to stop it becoming too damaging. It’s best to avoid the sun when it is at its strongest between 10-4pm and to either stay indoors or wear clothing that will protect you, such as a long-sleeved shirt, trousers and a wide-brimmed hat. And of course wear sun cream – with a protection factor of at least 15, higher if you have very pale skin.

Don’t smoke or drink

Smoking cigarettes is not only bad for the lungs, it also ages us prematurely by degrading the oxygen in the body and thus damaging collagen and causing wrinkles. Alcohol is not great either so try to keep your consumption of alcohol down if you possibly can.

Consume plenty of water

Water is great for the skin so try and consume plenty every day. Keep a bottle beside you at work so you’ve got easy access to water at all times.

Clean your skin regularly

Wash your skin at least twice a day with water and a gentle soap, then when the skin is dried apply a moisturizer. This protects the skin from any damaging weather conditions.

Exfoliate your skin

Use a gentle scrub to exfoliate your skin a few times a week.

Good food

Don’t eat too much greasy or oily food as this is really bad for your skin. Try instead to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables – leafy vegetables are particularly good for you.

Try and avoid processed foods if you can as they aren’t good for you, and keep your sugar intake down.


Plenty of sleep is vital for our all-round well-being. If you are tired, your health will not be as good and your skin will often not look as good either. One of the reasons for this is that sleep helps promote cell turnover, which is important for good-looking skin.


Doing plenty of exercise is another important factor in keeping us healthy, and if we are healthy our skin will look better. Exercise improves circulation and boosts the amount of nutrients that are going to the skin.
Things like yoga and meditation are great for keeping stress under control. Stress is particularly bad for conditions such as acne, rosacea or eczema.

If you have no luck with any of the list above then maybe you could consider going to an expert to sort your problem out. However most people’s skin problems will be sorted out fairly easily be following the things we’ve listed here. They will also help people with more severe skin problems, but not necessarily solve their difficulties totally. You may need to take further measures, which you can find more about here, or if you are Spanish aqui.

2 Ways to Get Your Inner Glow Going

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It feels great when you are at your optimum weight and you look good in the latest fashions. On the other hand, it doesn’t feel very good when you are unhealthy and beyond your recommended Body Mass Index. Of course, we all know that diet and exercise are two of the best ways to get looking good and feeling good — and rocking the spring fashions you are probably looking at nowadays. So let’s talk about a good way to improve your diet without getting onboard with the latest diet fad, and an exciting and fun way to get exercise in a way that is constantly gaining in popularity.

So, an idea for how to improve your diet: eat more brown rice. Simple, isn’t it? If you haven’t made the switch from white rice to brown rice what are you waiting for? The benefits of brown rice compared to white rice are numerous:

  • Brown rice has a lower glycemic index – if you don’t already know about this important nutritional factor find out. It’s important.
  • Brown rice has more fibre.
  • Brown rice has more vitamins and minerals.
  • Brown rice digests more slowly giving you energy over a longer period of time than white rice.

The only downside of brown rice is it that it takes twice as long to cook. However, that is a problem easily solved by buying a pressure cooker (browse this site for one). Buying the best pressure cooker you can afford — and many of them are not expensive — will make cooking many things a lot faster, not just brown rice. Even better if you can get an electric pressure cooker as most of them are programmable, so you don’t have to worry about remembering to turn it off at the right time.

Next up, an idea to improve your health without having to drag your self to the gym every time you want to get a workout: paddle boarding! This may not be a viable option for some of you at some times of the year but if you can do it during the summer or, depending on where you live, in the winter too, you will find a good energizing workout awaits you. Paddle boarding is a nice change and gets you outside on the water. It also has a social aspect and an element of unpredictability that you won’t get indoors; you are dealing with the changing conditions of wind and water, instead of taking part in a climate-controlled workout inside. There are now more options for paddle boards as well. You can now get inflatable standup paddle boards, surf paddle boards, and of course the usual type of paddle board.

So, just a couple of ideas to get your thoughts moving around the important areas of diet and nutrition. Remember, outer beauty starts with inner beauty. If you have a glow of well-being and are in good health the beautiful clothes and accessories you add on top of that are just, as they say, icing on the cake. Here’s to a vibrant, beautiful and happy spring.

How To Stay Motivated Toward Your Fitness Goals

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When it comes to fitness, one of the things I hate to see is when people give up because they become frustrated with their lack of progress. It’s understandable as working out requires a lot of hard work. If that work is not paying dividends, then why keep going at it so hard? What’s unfortunate is that lack of results is usually due to a knowledge gap about proper workouts and nutrition. No matter how motivated you are toward your fitness goals, it get really hard to stay motivated if you aren’t seeing the results you desire. If this is you, then you’re in luck as I’m going to provide you with some tips that will help you not only stay motivated toward your fitness goals, but to also get those results that you desire.

Create Mini Goals That Lead To Big Goals

You’ve probably heard it once if not a thousand times that setting goals is the best way to stay motivated to do just about anything. While that’s true for the most part, if you don’t set goals in the correct way, you can set yourself up for failure without even knowing it. This happens because most people set goals based on years or months. The problem with that being in the daily grind, those goals can seem really far off. For example, if you’re goal is to lose 20 pounds in 6 months, then the idea of having that cookie or cake today doesn’t seem like it would be a big deal, thinking ” 6 months is a so far away, so I have plenty of time”. If you set those goals that you normally do but also set “mini goals,” you can reach those bigger milestone goals in a more effective way. For the above example, you can have bi weekly goals to lose 1 pound or some other goal that can be accomplished in a shorter time frame.

Understand What Supplements Do & What They Don’t Do

It never fails that supplements get brought up in one form or another with anyone I work with. Supplements do work well and help out when it comes to reaching fitness goals, but most people don’t have a true understanding about the role supplements play in fitness and nutrition. They get far too much credit than they really deserve because they do work but only if you also couple that with a sound nutrition and workout plan. It’s important to understand what each supplement does and what it doesn’t do before you spend any hard earned money on them. Since I personally don’t really get into all the supplements too much and what they do, I would recommend heading over to, as they have comprehensive reviews of the top supplements out on the market and also will show you the best prices for those supplements as well. You can click here to find out more information about the site and the guy behind it as well.

Have Patience

Even if the proper workout and nutrition protocols are in place, many people still get frustrated with their lack of perceived progress because they think it’ll come much faster than it really does. The truth is that to change the human body, it takes a lot of effort and time – it doesn’t just happen overnight. In fact, anybody that you see that has a great physique didn’t obtain that physique in a matter of months. It likely took them years of hardwork and dedication toward that goal. You should lower your expectations until you see how your body responds and understand that even slow progress is still progress. If you look at it in the grand scheme of things, those small victories will add up and create big changes.